Power to digitally transform the vendor management with cost-effectiveness and better communications.

HappyMaintenance is specially designed and developed for vendors to streamline the communication, work order assignments and request & approval process between vendors and property managers.

Increased efficiency and reduced turnaround time

Quick turnaround

Reach vendors instantly by smartly sharing request details with visuals and eliminate multiple explanation calls and inspection visits.

Work order synchronization

Assign the work order to the relevant vendor and get automated updates on the progress, from accepting the job to completing the task.

Real-time Tracking

Track all your work orders, expenses and materials with complete history in one organized space.

Reduce overhead expenses

Visual details about the work orders help reducing a number of overhead cost such as calls, inspections visits and equipment requests process. Simplify maintenance process with one trip and increase efficiency of your operations.

Enhancing the Maintenance workflow to simple and standardized process

Work Order Management

A fully integrated system that communicates with multiple stakeholders and track the progress of the tasks from new requests to work order assignment and completion. Vendors will received one task or multiple work orders on the go and smartly updates the progress until its closed and delivered.

  • Vendors will get complete details of the work order including visuals to understand the service complexities.
  • Visual details from tenants help narrow down the problem faster, so vendors don’t have to drive there for inspections.
  • Vendors can notify managers once the work order is accepted and confirm the service schedule with tenants directly from their app
  • Reduce time consuming explanation calls and other overhead costs - increase efficiency in resolving the maintenance issues

Integrated Workflow

Boost your efficiency and savings by synchronizing the entire maintenance workflow with a simple, easy-to-use interface, and end to end communications between tenants, property managers, landlords and vendors.

  • Service request from tenants with customize note and visual details will be automatically shared with property manager, vendor and landlords
  • For complex service requests, vendors can request for materials and equipment’s procurement directly from vendor app
  • Smartly generate funds or equipment’s approval request to landlords and get auto notifications as soon as the funds are approved.
  • Vendor notifies property management team when task is completed
  • Property manger verifies data and closes work order ticket once completed

Progress Tracking

Virtually mange and communicate with vendors, track time spent on the job and measuring the (KPIs) key performance indicators of your maintenance team or vendors. Vendors or in-house maintenance receive alters for new work orders via push notifications and emails

  • Automated updates will be send to stakeholders as soon as vendor will accept the work order
  • Once the service personal is on the site for the service, he will start the timer to complete the job tracking the progress and time required to complete the job
  • Vendors can fill out the predefined form once the task is completed to evaluate and provide details about the work
  • Increase transparency in the relationship - Track work order status and real-time updates on the work progress

Visual Updates

Its made simple and intuitive for vendors - Reduce responding time for updates or explanations through call and increase reliability by sharing service progress through visual updates

  • Vendors can upload an image after the work has been done so the tenant, property manager can have the proof of the work done
  • Vendors can additional details about the task to notify property manager for key issues

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HappyTennat has changed the Way of Communication with the tenants through automated reminders, visual maintenance requests and it’s easy to keep track of our activities, leases and renewals with Constant reminders.